Our Vision

Our Vision is to make known Jesus in a deeper way and to explain the mystery about Him to all men.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to reach the unreached with the undiluted truth about the gospel of Jesus Christ; Also to preach and teach Christ to the Muslim World..


Live with a open heart and don`t stop believing in Him; Christ the King


We`ll wait upon the Lord Jesus Christ with you at all times. You are remembered in our prayers


He will never forsake us. He`s God with us - EMMANUEL.

Our Objectives

1. For men and muslim community to experience the Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
2. That lives be transformed inwardly so that they become a living sacrifice.
3. For men to be called, justified and to be glorified.
4. To demonstrate true fellowship and worship.
5. For the unreached to be reached for them to reach others.

Loving God. Loving People.

Our Leaders

Our leaders are called of God, trained, mentored and living by the commandments of the Lord

Want to worship with us?

For guides on how to find us or to speak with us, we are always available for you.